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Thursday, August 31st, 2006

I’m not sure I can contain myself with how excited I am right now.

I tried a new formula for my shakes this morning.  I did not add the berries this time and just made the shake raw.

Holy cow I was actually able to chug the thing versus sip it.  I am pretty sure this will be the first shake I finish since starting the program.  The other good news is that I still get to eat the berries and they taste yummy too.

Also, last night before my workout I bought one of the “muffins” the Pro Club makes out of the shakes and I actually got that “feeling” you get when you eat something that totally satifies you.  I almost felt guilty eating it because of how wonderful I felt.  I did eat it a bit fast so I will have to watch that next time but damn I just might be able to keep this up a bit longer with my new discoveries.

1st day on the Meal Replacement shakes.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

I made my first shake this morning. I had one last night after my workout and they were ok, not great, but at least ok.  I wasn’t able to finish the 20oz shake I had bought yesterday and I wasn’t able to finish my shake for breakfast or lunch either.  After a while the taste just starts to get to me and I just can’t force anymore down.  If it weren’t for the ½ cup of berries I wouldn’t be able to eat it at all. I hope I can find some sort of formula to make these a little more drinkable.  They aren’t terrible but I don’t want to drink these the rest of my life that’s for sure.

My 5 oz of protein for lunch was deli turkey; holy cow that’s a lot of turkey.  I probably only ate 3 oz before again, it just became too much.

Tonight I plan to take the bus to Velocity and then have 5 oz of hamburger and of course another shake. I’m gonna try and add Talking Rain to it and see it that helps.

1st Dietitian appt

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Today was my first day back at work from my week long vacation and my first day with the dietitian and my 2nd session with Amber.  I had a lot going on but I didn’t feel too overwhelmed.

My meeting with the dietitian was good.  You could tell she was new.  My original dietitian was promoted so they placed me with Megan. 

We went over the program and what I am allowed to eat this week.

I will be having 4 meal replacement shakes with ½ cup berries and 10 oz of protein a day.

I officially start the program tomorrow since I didn’t get the supplies until today but I did run into the Pro Club Bistro and grab a water and tuna salad for lunch and a Meal replacement shake after my workout.

Tomorrow Morning I will need to make a shake for breakfast and down the 5 pills they gave me.

Edit*  One more thing I forgot to mention. Since my fitness assessment I have only gained one pound.  Not bad for eating whatever the heck I wanted while on vacation. So that’s good news, I don’t have too much to make up for.

Back from Vacation

Friday, August 25th, 2006

My first training session with Amber was today.  We met up and talked a little about my goals and my limitations (broken elbow 20 yrs ago that never healed right) and then we went on the elliptical machine for 35 minutes.  We did a bit of interval training at the end and I thought I was gonna die.  My feet were asleep most of the time and the intervals just killed me.  Actually I think it was the 45 sec followed by a 60 second that actually killed me.  When it was all said and done, I had traveled 2.5 miles at varied intensity and levels.  After the elliptical we went downstairs to do a weight circuit.  The first machine was the leg extensions and she started me at 40 lbs.  I thought I was going to break the machine with how fast I pushed the bar down.  I told her I could do more and finally I convinced her (after 2 more adjustments) that 80 lbs is not unreasonable. 

It was weird to only do one set or 20 and not the normal 3 sets of 10-12.  It’s really hard to find the correct weight right away and, at times, it was hard to complete 20 were 2 sets of 12 would have been no problem.

After the weight circuit we were actually running late so we skipped the stretching and went straight to the bike where I watched a 20 minutes video about the program.

I will be watching 1 video every time I work out with the trainer until the end of the program.

Monday I have my first appt with the dietitian

2nd Week of appointments

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I met with the Dr and we went over the program and talked about my results from the Fitness Assessment. 

Overall, I am in good shape. Most things need tweaking due to my weight (High Blood Pressure, cholesterol) but my actual treadmill test was awesome.  I scored in the 95th percentile for women my age. 

They don’t specify if that is for ppl in the program my age or just in general regardless of health and weight.  Either way, I am really happy to have scored that high.  Hopefully I will blow them away at the midpoint assessment.

When we return from vacation, my program starts in full force

1st week of appointments.

Friday, August 11th, 2006

I had 2 appointments this week to get started on the 20/20 program.

One with a counselor to see if I was “prepared” for this progam, and the other appt was a fitness assessment. 

The fitness assessment was a lot of questions about my health history and family history, took a bunch of measurements and walked on a treadmill til the heartrate monitor hit a magic number. 

My next appt is on Tuesday with a Dr.  I’m not really sure what that appt is all about.  I already have my cholesterol numbers but i don’t mind seeing another one just to make sure.  I have already paid for it, so i might as well go.

The 25th is my first official day of the workout program and the 28th my new food program.

I will have to write an obit for my Mt Dew sometime next week.

Current Stats: (that I can remember)

  • Weight: 250 
  • BMI 41%
  • Cholesterol (as of 7-25-06)  Overall 211 with 129 LDL and 51 HDL. 156
  • Blood pressure (8-10-06) 150/99
  • Measurements:  They didn’t give me a sheet with the breakdown of these, I will ask for one when i see the doc on Tuesday.