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One Year Later

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Wow it’s been over a year since I updated last.  (at least on this blog)

Like most everyone else, I resolved to get back on track and lose some of the weight that I gained back (thankfully not all of the weight I lost last year) when I stopped following the program.

I lost my job due to downsizing in February and that was the trigger I took to stop eating right and go crazy.  I was never able to rebound, even after finding a new job, blaming it on the stress of the new job and the distance from home for lunches. 

I started over at week one at the beginning of this week (Jan 7th). It’s been a struggle but well worth it.

I just re-read all of my 20/20 blogs and that really helped to put everything into perspective as well.  I didn’t remember how much I had actually cheated on this program and still saw pretty consistent results.   My new goal is to lose 70 lbs by July  I know this is going to be a really tough goal but hopefully with a lot of hard work and a LOT of support I can do this and never look back.