Home Sweet Home

Went into work for a couple hours and the tattoo was starting to bug me.
It was really rough and raw and I started to get worried about it. Technically I was supposed to be washing it every hour today so I think I started to freak a bit and think that I was damaging it.
I ended up leaving at 11 for the day. Ace came home and made sure that it was washed up really well and really moisturized.

I feel really guilty for sitting at home. I feel guilty for being this happy :) I know that I could be at work right now but I REALLY don’t want to be there. I did bring some work home that will take a couple hours so at least I won’t be falling too far behind. When I left the owner was gone and I’m sure I will be hearing something from him about this.

I wore a camisole to work today to give me tattoo some breathing room. Rick, my office mate, wished me good luck on Friday but didn’t say anything about the actual product. The first person to say anything about it was a sales person who walked in off the street and had never seen me before. I did have 2 of the employees ask about it a little later.

So here I sit, happy in my home, away from the hell that is work. :)
Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

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