It’s official

We are freaking going to Japan :D

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  1. Ebany Says:

    Have you made a solid plans on where you’re going to go and when?

  2. Jess Roqs Says:

    We are going the first week of August. A complete itinerary of where we are going is still yet to be planned. We are climbing Fuji, then Inari in Kyoto, then to visit 5 and u if u two are available.

  3. Jess Roqs Says:

    Oh Darn, Guess I will have to go again some other time with you too. ;)

  4. Jason Says:

    Yeah, like next Spring to see sakura :P

  5. Jason Says:

    Wait for me….

  6. Nate 5 Says:

    Do you guys know what dates you will be in Nagasaki, or are you still in the process of making a schedule? I don’t know what you did last time for cash, such as getting traveler checks, but I would like to suggest an alternate. You can access your primary checking account from any of the Japanese post office ATMs if you have a VISA or MasterCard dept card. It works exactly the same as in the states, however, you are limited to taking out a maximum of $100 at a time (I think you can withdraw the maximum $100 several times up to your daily withdrawl limit, but I’m not sure). Using the ATM is also very convenient and a lot faster than going into a bank to have your travelers checks exchanged.

    My advice for travelers checks is to have most, if not all, of them exchanged at a bank when you arrive. Japan is very cash based, so it is perfectly normal for people to have several hundred dollars on them at any given time, so don’t worry about carring lots of cash, its not the US. =P Also, you don’t want to spend too much of your time in a bank waiting to exchange your travelers checks, which can take a half hour or more depending on the bank and how busy it is.

    My suggestion for cash in Japan is a combination of travelers checks and dept card. Hope this helps. =)

  7. Jess roqs Says:

    We have ordered our Yen and it should be in on Tuesday. Last time we took nothing but cash and it worked out amazingly. I felt really safe to be carrying all of my cash on me. We only charged like 2 or 3 things the entire time we were there.
    We do have an idea about when we will be in Nagasaki but we do not have any hotels reserved and that will be the ultimate factor. I will keep you informed as soon as we know more.

  8. Nate 5 Says:

    Sounds good. Let me know if you need help finding a hotel.

  9. Nate 5 Says:

    So…”What’s the dilio?” Heh.

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