1st week of appointments.

I had 2 appointments this week to get started on the 20/20 program.

One with a counselor to see if I was “prepared” for this progam, and the other appt was a fitness assessment. 

The fitness assessment was a lot of questions about my health history and family history, took a bunch of measurements and walked on a treadmill til the heartrate monitor hit a magic number. 

My next appt is on Tuesday with a Dr.  I’m not really sure what that appt is all about.  I already have my cholesterol numbers but i don’t mind seeing another one just to make sure.  I have already paid for it, so i might as well go.

The 25th is my first official day of the workout program and the 28th my new food program.

I will have to write an obit for my Mt Dew sometime next week.

Current Stats: (that I can remember)

  • Weight: 250 
  • BMI 41%
  • Cholesterol (as of 7-25-06)  Overall 211 with 129 LDL and 51 HDL. 156
  • Blood pressure (8-10-06) 150/99
  • Measurements:  They didn’t give me a sheet with the breakdown of these, I will ask for one when i see the doc on Tuesday.

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