Back from Vacation

My first training session with Amber was today.  We met up and talked a little about my goals and my limitations (broken elbow 20 yrs ago that never healed right) and then we went on the elliptical machine for 35 minutes.  We did a bit of interval training at the end and I thought I was gonna die.  My feet were asleep most of the time and the intervals just killed me.  Actually I think it was the 45 sec followed by a 60 second that actually killed me.  When it was all said and done, I had traveled 2.5 miles at varied intensity and levels.  After the elliptical we went downstairs to do a weight circuit.  The first machine was the leg extensions and she started me at 40 lbs.  I thought I was going to break the machine with how fast I pushed the bar down.  I told her I could do more and finally I convinced her (after 2 more adjustments) that 80 lbs is not unreasonable. 

It was weird to only do one set or 20 and not the normal 3 sets of 10-12.  It’s really hard to find the correct weight right away and, at times, it was hard to complete 20 were 2 sets of 12 would have been no problem.

After the weight circuit we were actually running late so we skipped the stretching and went straight to the bike where I watched a 20 minutes video about the program.

I will be watching 1 video every time I work out with the trainer until the end of the program.

Monday I have my first appt with the dietitian

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