1st Dietitian appt

Today was my first day back at work from my week long vacation and my first day with the dietitian and my 2nd session with Amber.  I had a lot going on but I didn’t feel too overwhelmed.

My meeting with the dietitian was good.  You could tell she was new.  My original dietitian was promoted so they placed me with Megan. 

We went over the program and what I am allowed to eat this week.

I will be having 4 meal replacement shakes with ½ cup berries and 10 oz of protein a day.

I officially start the program tomorrow since I didn’t get the supplies until today but I did run into the Pro Club Bistro and grab a water and tuna salad for lunch and a Meal replacement shake after my workout.

Tomorrow Morning I will need to make a shake for breakfast and down the 5 pills they gave me.

Edit*  One more thing I forgot to mention. Since my fitness assessment I have only gained one pound.  Not bad for eating whatever the heck I wanted while on vacation. So that’s good news, I don’t have too much to make up for.

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