1st day on the Meal Replacement shakes.

I made my first shake this morning. I had one last night after my workout and they were ok, not great, but at least ok.  I wasn’t able to finish the 20oz shake I had bought yesterday and I wasn’t able to finish my shake for breakfast or lunch either.  After a while the taste just starts to get to me and I just can’t force anymore down.  If it weren’t for the ½ cup of berries I wouldn’t be able to eat it at all. I hope I can find some sort of formula to make these a little more drinkable.  They aren’t terrible but I don’t want to drink these the rest of my life that’s for sure.

My 5 oz of protein for lunch was deli turkey; holy cow that’s a lot of turkey.  I probably only ate 3 oz before again, it just became too much.

Tonight I plan to take the bus to Velocity and then have 5 oz of hamburger and of course another shake. I’m gonna try and add Talking Rain to it and see it that helps.

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