I’m not sure I can contain myself with how excited I am right now.

I tried a new formula for my shakes this morning.  I did not add the berries this time and just made the shake raw.

Holy cow I was actually able to chug the thing versus sip it.  I am pretty sure this will be the first shake I finish since starting the program.  The other good news is that I still get to eat the berries and they taste yummy too.

Also, last night before my workout I bought one of the “muffins” the Pro Club makes out of the shakes and I actually got that “feeling” you get when you eat something that totally satifies you.  I almost felt guilty eating it because of how wonderful I felt.  I did eat it a bit fast so I will have to watch that next time but damn I just might be able to keep this up a bit longer with my new discoveries.

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