Again the topic of cheating comes up.  I have talked to a lot of people on this program and they swear that they have not cheated at all.  How is that even possible? 

I can say with confidence that I have cheated at least once every week I have been on this program.  Nothing too terrible, birthday cake excluded, but I have had the random piece of cheese in my salad when I wasn’t allowed cheese, or a nibble of bread when I am still not allowed bread, the coke I mentioned earlier. I could go on and on but what is the point.  I have done very well in this program and I am not embarrassed to admit that I am human and sometimes I go off program. It happens. I would rather find a balance on what I can and cannot do while on this program than not cheat once the entire 7 months and then go on a bender the day I get off.  Cheating now only helps me in learning about moderation for the future.

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