Well at least I finished it.

This weekend Ace and I participated in the 5K Pumpkin Push Race. I’m not sure what I was thinking trying to do this race, but at least I finished it. My results were not impressive to say the least. Ace was awesome and stuck with me the whole race. He could have easily finished 15 minutes before I did but he was an awesome motivator. One thing I did learn is that I am sprinter rather than a long distance runner. When I was running I was running at a great clip but I couldn’t keep that pace up for long. I need to discuss with Amber about training myself how to control my pace to be able to last longer. I would run then walk, then run then walk. I needed to set little goals for myself to reach. Like I would tell Ace, at the stump we will run until the next orange cone. That was the only thing that would keep me motivated. At the very end of the race, I saw the 3.1 marker and ran to it and then stopped. I was probably 100 ft to the finish line and I started walking. Ace pushed me and I ran to the end but seeing that 3.1 marker kinda threw me off. That was my goal. After I had reached it, it was hard to make another one. As soon as the photos are up, I will probably post them but I’m sure they are not gonna be pretty.

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