Week 9 Recap.

It’s hard to believe I am almost done with the first phase of the progam (Phase 1= 15 weeks)

I paid very careful attention to my servings of protien this week and I was down 4 lbs. I have discovered soy beans and beef/turkey jerfy.  They are my new best friends when it comes to getting in my protien servings. 

I am 11 lbs from my original goal for the entire 15 weeks.  I don’t see any problem reaching that goal plus a bit more. I did the math, and assuming I stay at the 3 lb per week rate, I will be my high school weight by the end of phase 2. (Phase 2= 12 weeks).  I haven’t seen my high school weight in almost 10 years.  With any luck by my anniversary next year I will be at my college weight. 

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